Meaning of transmogrify in English:


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verbverb transmogrifies, verb transmogrifying, verb transmogrified

[with object]mainly humorous
  • Transform in a surprising or magical manner.

    ‘his home was transmogrified into a hippy crash pad’
    • ‘Yet how this common set of tropes unfolds is hardly familiar, totally transmogrifying a well-worn stone of a concept into a profoundly deep theatrical gem.’
    • ‘It, however, proves the pertinent fact that, if you have the financial power, you can transmogrify a nation of persecuted people into villains and a bunch of terrorists into heroes.’
    • ‘Like infesting alien pods, American culture threatens to transmogrify the planet, as the speaker put it, into one big New Jersey.’
    • ‘The next recession could transmogrify many dot-com millionaires into poor folks.’
    • ‘The Spanish cucaracha made no sense to English speakers, so they transmogrified it into ‘cockroach’.’
    • ‘Information from weather satellites, and from street cameras in Cork, will be fed into a computer where, thanks to the magic of programming, it will be transmogrified into a knitting pattern.’
    • ‘They have now been transmogrified into ‘tokens of esteem’ that can net their recipients anything up to 1 million.’
    • ‘Thanks largely to his agitprop and fraternisation with the enemy, his brothers-in-arms were transmogrified into war criminals and baby-killers.’
    • ‘In 1988 the paper transmogrified itself from a dull, traditional broadsheet into a design lead hip'n'happening paper.’
    • ‘Only in death can their message be transmogrified and their myth perfectly preserved forever.’
    • ‘It is transmogrified by Greek and Bulgarian investors into a Balkan business hub.’
    • ‘The skyline is being transmogrified by luxury condo towers all over the place.’
    • ‘An existential experience of tragedy and loss is converted into technical problems that transmogrify its existential roots.’
    • ‘They just want to drink and smoke and pretend the world isn't transmogrifying every second.’
    • ‘Otherwise, how can slim evidence of past crimes be transmogrified into compelling evidence of future ones?’
    • ‘As I have recently been transmogrified into a godfather, these things have become curiously more interesting.’
    • ‘I've been transmogrified into a something I can't claim as my own being.’
    • ‘Suddenly the members of my support team were transmogrified into aliens.’
    • ‘I kind of hope the world ends or is transmogrified somehow (preferably the latter) during my lifetime.’
    • ‘They are not a part of a narrative, neither are they transmogrified creatures of fantasy and myth.’
    change, alter, modify, convert, metamorphose, transfigure, transmute, mutate



/trɑːnzˈmɒɡrɪfʌɪ/ /tranzˈmɒɡrɪfʌɪ/


Mid 17th century of unknown origin.