Meaning of transperson in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtranzˌpəːs(ə)n/

nounplural noun transpeople

  • A person who is transgender or transsexual.

    ‘a female-to-male transperson’
    • ‘The book is the first in-depth examination of what it means to be a female-bodied transperson.’
    • ‘Legally, from the moment a transperson first sees their doctor, they're entitled to be referred to by their chosen gender.’
    • ‘And FYI, orientation and desire in transpeople are as varied as they are in the rest of the population.’
    • ‘Names are a highly personal thing, and many transpeople go through long involved processes of choosing one.’
    • ‘It would be naive to imagine that all the needs of transpeople will be met by those who can change things, however they are lobbied.’
    • ‘From what I gather, in Thailand transpeople are accepted as the gender as which they present themselves.’
    • ‘There are emerging organizations and political spaces for transpeople, those who want to be political, those whose interests are more social.’
    • ‘Our goal should be the freedom and safety for transpeople - the freedom and safety to go more than one washroom from home!’
    • ‘With the health service under attack by the government, transpeople are not a priority where it really matters, giving them the full support they require.’