Meaning of transphobia in English:


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mass noun
  • Dislike of or prejudice against transgender or transsexual people.

    ‘more than 120 complaints concerning transphobia in the media were made’
    • ‘I suffered almost none of the transphobia in the greater world they constantly are complaining about.’
    • ‘The most emotionally challenging part for me was the transphobia I encountered from the court attorney who represented me at my arraignment.’
    • ‘But it's not just homophobia or transphobia that these men are reacting to so violently: their whole masculinity is at stake.’
    • ‘Trans people do not find great enjoyment in randomly accusing people of transphobia, and would rather not have to bring it up.’
    • ‘You're rationalizing your transphobia and imposing your worldview on trans people, by assigning motives and politics to them that they may not have.’
    • ‘The assumption is, if there is this kind of violence - if it's recognised as a hate crime at all - it's often seen as something that has to do with homophobia, rather than transphobia.’
    • ‘If you don't like transphobia, if you think that whipping up hate against a gender minority is bad, if you'd like to show your support, then go along and join them.’
    • ‘Trans people get to put up with transphobia on a routine basis, whether it's aimed directly at us, or it's simply expressed around us.’
    • ‘Supporters plan to fill the courtroom to let the courts know that transphobia is the crime.’
    • ‘He grew up in an environment where, according to the student, homophobia and transphobia were prevalent.’
    • ‘In the past Stonewall put out leaflets describing what transphobia is and what should be done to stop it.’
    • ‘As a community, we in Michigan are committed to fighting prejudice and ignorance of all kinds; we do not want to see transphobia fostered here or anywhere.’
    • ‘In their quest for high ratings and profits, the show's producers didn't care that these women were strung around like puppets in a tasteless show that perpetuated transphobia and racism.’



/tranzˈfəʊbɪə/ /transˈfəʊbɪə/


1990s from trans + phobia.