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mass noun
  • 1The action of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported.

    ‘the era of global mass transportation’
    • ‘Could changes in fuel and transportation costs have an impact on your business?’
    • ‘Using locally available material minimises transportation costs and helps the local economy.’
    • ‘However, the mass transportation of livestock around the country will clearly have to be looked at.’
    • ‘Right now, only the United States has the global and transportation resources to manage such a force.’
    • ‘For bulk goods these conditions led to high transportation costs and long delays in delivery.’
    • ‘There are transportation costs, company profits - all that sort of thing.’
    • ‘The price of oil affects transportation costs, which in turn affect the price of food.’
    • ‘If this scheme is carried out, it could help reduce transportation costs.’
    • ‘He would like to find ways to reduce transportation costs and the labor dedicated to making sales.’
    • ‘As the overruns were probably stolen, there would be the crime of interstate transportation of stolen goods.’
    • ‘Governments and people on both sides have wished for direct cross-strait transportation for many years.’
    • ‘He suspects this is due to the interstate transportation of game farm animals.’
    • ‘The low-grade ore was segregated on the dump, awaiting the arrival of cheap rail transportation to the district.’
    • ‘However, the mass transportation of livestock around the country will clearly have to be looked at.’
    • ‘I was appointed to a committee by the Transportation Research Board to examine freight transportation needs for the 21st century.’
    • ‘Today, the transportation of goods often involves greater distances and requires careful coordination.’
    • ‘Continuous position determination is an absolute must for monitoring storage and transportation of dangerous goods.’
    • ‘Now we already have cargo transportation to China from Kaohsiung via Xiamen.’
    • ‘The global transportation of building materials and other related resources carries other impacts.’
    • ‘Was there actual evidence from your client that the tobacco leaf was cut in order to enable it to fit into bags for easy transportation?’
    conveyance, transportation, transfer, transference, transmission, movement
    transit, transportation, conveyance, traffic, carriage, freight, freightage, shipment, shipping, haulage, delivery, distribution, carrying
    1. 1.1mainly North American A system or means of transporting people or goods.
      ‘transportation on the site includes a monorail’
      • ‘Officials say the duo were seen photographing transportation systems, such as subways and buses.’
      • ‘The result would be a degraded air transportation system that would put a huge dent in economic prosperity.’
      • ‘The attacks have put everything from transportation systems to personal information at risk.’
      • ‘The transportation system was running perfectly underneath the Canadian soil.’
      • ‘Cutting carbon emissions also means restructuring our transportation systems.’
      • ‘In Britain, rural public transportation is often provided with postal vans offering seating for regular passengers.’
      • ‘Low-cost public transportation is provided by postal buses.’
      • ‘No public transportation is available that could take her all the way to work.’
      • ‘So we're well protected in the air transportation system of the United States.’
      • ‘What other fun is there in connection with today's air transportation system?’
      • ‘Consider walking, riding a bike, or using mass transportation.’
      • ‘The businesses that exist to service these launching needs form an international space transportation industry.’
      • ‘Most ports are well linked to local and intercity rail transportation.’
      • ‘We should build a new generation of less expensive and safer space transportation to replace the Shuttle.’
      • ‘The national health and transportation service networks have collapsed.’
      • ‘A few cultures, most notably China, also built canals to extend the river transportation network.’
      • ‘People are also still choosing to use sea transportation rather than traveling by land to avoid danger.’
      • ‘Most also had significant complaints about the lack of support for sustainable transportation in their cities.’
      • ‘More now on the massive nearly $300 billion transportation bill just passed by Congress.’
      • ‘Bus transportation companies are preparing to increase their prices by five per cent.’
  • 2 historical The action or practice of transporting convicts to a penal colony.

    ‘One area where she made important changes was in the treatment of prisoners sentenced to transportation to the colonies.’
    • ‘This agitation ended an unpopular attempt by the British government to renew convict transportation.’
    • ‘For a long time in Australia, probably the main industry was the transportation of convicts from the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘A prisoner's condition and life signs should be monitored before, during and after transportation.’
    • ‘One of the prisoners taken on board that day was John Bentcliffe, who had been imprisoned at Portland awaiting transportation.’
    banishment, expulsion, expatriation, deportation, eviction



/trɑːnspɔːˈteɪʃən/ /trɑːnspəˈteɪʃən/