Meaning of transracial in English:



  • Across or crossing racial boundaries.

    ‘The asserted benefits of transracial adoption further obscure the system's racial bias and masquerade as reasons to oppose policies that preserve black families.’
    • ‘She writes, ‘It is easy to see transracial love plots as imaginings… in which romantic love rather than filial servitude or force guarantee the willful submission of the colonized’.’
    • ‘The families include transracial, interracial, adoptive, single-parent, stepparent, and two-parent families, both heterosexual and homosexual.’
    • ‘Finally, transracial adoptions comprise 20% of this sample.’
    • ‘How do you find out where the line is between the black female experience and the transracial adoption experience?’
    • ‘One of the most widely used arguments against transracial adoption is that white parents are unprepared to teach their children the survival skills they will need to live in a racist culture.’
    • ‘This also helps them to redefine themselves in a transracial and global context by bridging the gaps among Koreans, Korean Americans, and African Americans.’
    • ‘Many former celebrants of the music have become detractors in the face of its hypercommercialization and transracial acceptance.’
    • ‘The salon started by the sisters in 1931 was characterized by its transracial and gender-inclusive nature.’
    • ‘She will discuss the transracial adoption of her daughter Penelope.’



/tranzˈreɪʃ(ə)l/ /trɑːnz-/ /-ns-/