Meaning of transudate in English:




See transude

‘The increased transudate burdening the lymphatic system results in interstitial edema.’
  • ‘The formation of the transudate / exudates and casts in the airway are the result of a number of factors.’
  • ‘Pleural fluid LDH is the most accurate overall criterion for classifying pleural effusions into exudates and transudates.’
  • ‘The right pleural effusion was tapped, and it was demonstrated to be a transudate by chemistry.’
  • ‘However, in contrast to thermal burns, the fluid losses do not occur until the blisters form and the fluid lost is a transudate, which means protein losses are less.’
  • ‘In view of all the atypical features, it was sensible to aspirate pleural fluid to see if it was a transudate or an exudate.’



/ˈtransjuːdeɪt/ /ˈtraːnsjuːdeɪt/