Meaning of transude in English:


Pronunciation /trɑːnˈsjuːd/


  • (with reference to a fluid) discharge or be discharged gradually through pores in a membrane, especially within the body.

    with object ‘the vessels may transude serum’
    • ‘the solution transuded through the walls’
    • ‘It is given by injection and stimulates serum IgM, IgG, and IgA, but not secretory IgA, immunity being induced by antibody transuding into the oropharynx.’
    • ‘This condition is due to haemorrhages into the stroma of the iris, the fluid part of the blood transuding into the anterior chamber.’
    • ‘Alternatively, serum antibody may be transuded into tracheal secretion or reach mucosal surface in inflammatory exudates.’
    • ‘In animals with normal plasma protein concentrations fluid began to transude into the lungs when the left atrial pressure rose above an average of 24 mm.’
    ooze, trickle, exude, drip, dribble, flow, issue, discharge, excrete, escape, leak, drain, bleed, sweat, well, leach, filter, percolate, permeate, soak


Mid 17th century from French transsuder (in Old French tressuer), from Latin trans- ‘across’ + Latin sudare ‘to sweat’.