Meaning of trash can in English:

trash can


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North American
  • A dustbin.

    ‘The police report indicated that the girl told her mother that the teacher had thrown her bag in the trash can.’
    • ‘And it seems like a good plan to head out to the suburbs and toss a mysterious package in a trash can?’
    • ‘As good fortune would have it, there was a large shopping bag in the trash can.’
    • ‘He went through it slowly scraping everything into the trash can and leaving the dishes in the sink to soak.’
    • ‘As I did this he put his glass in the sink and slugging down the last sip of root beer tossed the bottle into the trash can.’
    • ‘As Tom was preparing to leave the office for the weekend, he again noticed the packet in the trash can.’
    • ‘I ate as much of it as I could stand, then I walked to the trash can and bussed my tray.’
    • ‘Chairs were stacked on the other side between a trash can and a drinking fountain.’
    • ‘He drank the last of the black coffee and threw the cup in the nearest trash can.’
    • ‘Then he spotted a sidewalk trash can and deposited the bowl inside as he passed it.’
    • ‘Maybe he doesn't put a new bag in the trash can after emptying the old one.’
    • ‘He walks across the street, picks up a red plastic drinking cup and deposits it in a trash can.’
    • ‘My husband set up an empty trash can with a locking lid outside the coop.’
    • ‘It is smelly and unattractive, and is therefore left in the trash can in the alley.’
    • ‘I scrawled it down on a candy bar wrapper I picked out of a nearby trash can and gave it to her.’
    • ‘There was a trash can that they had taken that belonged to a neighbor that was missing.’
    • ‘She slung the strap of her messenger bag over her shoulder and grabbed her empty cup and tossed it into the trash can.’
    • ‘On a trash can outside was an empty silly string bottle, and a bit of green silly string on the lid, and it was still wet.’
    • ‘He took a sip out of a Styrofoam cup and pitched it into a nearby trash can as they walked out of the police station.’
    • ‘When the chips were gone, she wadded up the bag and stuffed it into the tiny trash can at the foot of her bed.’