Meaning of travel light in English:

travel light


  • Travel with a minimum load or minimum luggage.

    ‘she's one of those backpackers who likes to travel light’
    • ‘The commandos and Special Forces traveled light and were trained for this kind of backwoods work.’
    • ‘We all travelled light, taking with us only what we considered to be the bare essentials of life.’
    • ‘Frank travelled light around the world, with one small cardboard suitcase and a canvas rucksack.’
    • ‘Just like Clinton he travelled light for quick travel without family, friends, and the US press.’
    • ‘Though we traveled light, indispensable to us on board were two books we re-read and consulted constantly.’
    • ‘The grooms travelled light with a razor in their pockets, and few other personal items.’
    • ‘We travelled light, carrying just a sleeping bag and spare clothing, and eating and sleeping in village lodges.’
    • ‘The website could provide you with some helpful hints and advice so that you can travel light and still look stylish at your destination.’
    • ‘The key to travelling light is keeping everything you take to a minimum.’
    • ‘As always, he traveled light on this trip with nothing but a knapsack containing a change of clothes and a loaf of bread.’