Meaning of travel writing in English:

travel writing


mass noun
  • A genre of writing in which the author describes places they have visited and their experiences while travelling.

    ‘his books about the Greek islands are some of the best travel writing of the twentieth century’
    • ‘His travel writings include journeys through Indo-China and Burma, the Mediterranean, India, and Cuba.’
    • ‘His travel writings began in the eastern Mediterranean.’
    • ‘He approaches travel writing from an unusual angle by adapting and illustrating other people's stories.’
    • ‘The first point of travel writing is to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.’
    • ‘The article's part of a series dedicated to "bringing fresh perspective and renewed excitement to the art of travel writing".’
    • ‘As soon as he finished school at twenty-two, he published poems, plays, novels, and travel writing at a furious pace.’
    • ‘She remains one of our greatest travel writers whose prose elevates travel writing into an art.’
    • ‘Like the best travel writing, his is scattered with humour and rooted in compassion.’
    • ‘From the 1950s, travel writing for a local audience began to decline, partly because tourism was by then well established and there was less reason for entrepreneurs to promote independent travel.’
    • ‘She began her travel writing in 1963, when she rode a bicycle from Ireland to India.’