Meaning of travelling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtravlɪŋ/

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  • 1Going or being transported from place to place.

    ‘a travelling exhibition of Dutch 17th-century masterpieces’
    • ‘she worked as a fire-eater in a travelling circus’
    • ‘the impact of the strike action on the travelling public is expected to be significant’
  • 2Relating to travel.

    ‘I don't have any travelling expenses’
    • ‘please allow extra travelling time as there are already queues on the motorway’
    • ‘The company stopped paying a travelling allowance.’
    • ‘He was happy to answer questions about his travelling arrangements.’
    • ‘The models can be further improved by analysing more detail about the travelling behaviour of trip makers.’
    • ‘The couple caught the travelling bug after seeing a lot of the Far East through Alan's work.’
    • ‘He decided to pack it all in and set off with his girlfriend Danielle on the travelling adventure of their dreams.’
    • ‘High winds have brought trees down across the state, creating hazardous traveling conditions.’
    • ‘Make sure traveling costs are included in your budget.’
    • ‘While the report tracked traveling data, it also provided a hotel price index.’
    • ‘We will mail the visa immediately depending on your traveling date.’
    • ‘Tomorrow is a big travelling day so I won't actually be doing anything apart from sitting on trains.’
    1. 2.1Accompanying or used by a person who travels.
      ‘my travelling companion and I spent the next day exploring’
      • ‘this kit is small enough to fit into travelling bags’
      • ‘We were struck with the comprehensive nature of the stock of travelling accessories on view.’
      • ‘As travelling acquaintances in Germany they had learned very little of each other's past life.’
      • ‘His travelling bag and other belongings were ready.’
      • ‘My travelling buddy Rob and I sauntered into a diner.’
      • ‘She pushed brusquely past him into the entrance hall and shuddered once, dropping a heavy travelling bundle to the floor.’
      • ‘A common travelling accessory is a power bank for phone or laptop.’
      • ‘The job will be as a full-time traveling assistant.’
      • ‘Her travelling attire didn't exactly look comfortable.’
      • ‘It's the type of game you'll want in your traveling case at all times.’
      • ‘Very, very slowly, she comes to respect her traveling companion.’


mass noun
  • 1The action or activity of going from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length.

    ‘one thing I've learned from travelling is that you have to respect other countries’
    • ‘music, films, and travelling are among her favourite pastimes’
    • ‘He and his wife, Linda, who works at an accounting firm, both enjoy traveling.’
    • ‘She loved travelling, especially to Europe.’
    • ‘Constant traveling combined with the demands of running a business take up much of his time.’
    • ‘The tour will entail 12 months of intensive international travelling.’
    • ‘His extensive travelling and his temporary residence in different countries have given him a wide view.’
    • ‘As I do a little travelling from time to time I had contemplated buying a laptop computer.’
    • ‘Anyone who has done much travelling knows that the pleasure soon disappears when you are working the whole time.’
    • ‘His job requires frequent travelling and staying in hotels in small towns.’
    • ‘My goal this year is to do a lot of travelling.’
    • ‘Two years of travelling made me grow up and gain some perspective.’
    • ‘A small amount of travelling is included in this role.’
  • 2Basketball
    The action of taking more than the allowed number of steps (typically two) while holding the ball without dribbling it, treated as a violation.

    ‘Arizona turned the ball back over, but then with nine seconds left, Scott was called for traveling’
    • ‘He was called for traveling after grabbing the rebound.’
    • ‘Traveling is one of the most common -- and misunderstood -- rules in all of basketball.’
    • ‘Steps aren't important when determining travelling under high school and NCAA rules.’
    • ‘We've probably been called for traveling more than any team that I've ever seen.’
    • ‘He tripped and was called for traveling.’