Meaning of travelling crane in English:

travelling crane


  • A crane able to move on rails, especially along an overhead support.

    ‘Within the foyer, the original roof structure remains, and also the original rails for travelling cranes.’
    • ‘The para-dropping and cargo handling equipment comprises two travelling cranes, two winches, rollgang and tiedown equipment.’
    • ‘A 30t lift and a two-hook travelling crane, each hook rated to carry 40t, are installed on the ship providing the capability of autonomous loading and unloading operations completely independent of harbour facilities.’
    • ‘This is within reach of the travelling crane and materials could be passed from one to the other.’
    • ‘A load sway suppression method to the overhead travelling crane is proposed and discussed.’
    • ‘The travelling crane runs over the complete deck and has a maximum lifting capacity in the whole of the work area.’
    • ‘When you choose one of our overhead travelling cranes you can be sure of world beating experience and expertise that means top performance and reliability.’
    • ‘Because of its history as a travelling crane it had a 6 function spool valve but only 3 functions active so adding a function was not difficult.’
    • ‘It describes measures to mitigate access risks created in existing buildings by overhead travelling cranes in motion and emphasises the importance of education and training of personnel.’
    • ‘In Nova Scotia, you require a certificate of qualification in order to operate a mobile crane, boom truck, overhead traveling crane or tower crane.’
    • ‘The overhead travelling cranes also offer the benefits of perfect crane geometry, resulting in exceptional travel characteristics.’
    • ‘The invention relates to a transverse travelling crane for ships which comprises a fixed horizontal crane beam extending transversely of the ship through a superstructure thereon.’
    • ‘Because of the high operating speeds, the 40-ton overhead travelling cranes had to be equipped with an operator's cabin, which is very rare.’
    • ‘We will use a travelling crane to move the elements.’
    • ‘The skyline crane is a cable system but differs from all other cableways in that it is a travelling crane and can pick up loads directly from the ground at any point along the cableway.’
    • ‘The subject of the work was an overhead traveling crane located at the facilities of KCI at Hyvinkää.’
    • ‘The main French manufacturer of overhead travelling cranes, the group is diversifying its range, especially with lift and tilting tables and freight elevators.’
    • ‘Next, with the overhead traveling crane holding the removed mast, the operator tilts the mast carefully, while sliding its bottom end until he/she safely lays it on the floor.’
    • ‘This allows the travelling crane and its robot to be moved around the deck in order to carry out work which would otherwise be performed manually.’
    • ‘A new fuzzy controller for anti-swing and position control of an overhead traveling crane is proposed based on the Single Input Rule Modules dynamically connected fuzzy inference model.’