Meaning of travelling stock route in English:

travelling stock route


  • A strip of public land along which cattle are driven.

    ‘there was a travelling stock route running round the boundaries of the lease’
    • ‘Most paddocks, roadsides and travelling stock routes have been eaten out and fodder prices have gone through the roof.’
    • ‘Some of the best patches of grassy woodlands and native grasslands are located on travelling stock routes.’
    • ‘New initiatives to better protect travelling stock routes is particularly urgent given current intentions to sell parts of them in New South Wales and Queensland.’
    • ‘The travelling stock route is undoubtedly subject to flooding which, when it occurs, makes it impassable for sheep.’
    • ‘As a dealer he is often up and down the travelling stock route.’
    • ‘The mandarins the man likes to eat from the tree by the travelling stock route would probably still be too green.’