Meaning of Treaty industry in English:

Treaty industry


often derogatory New Zealand
  • Activity associated with the submission, negotiation, and settlement of Maori land claims related to the Treaty of Waitangi.

    ‘the booming Treaty Industry was decried in the country's leading newspaper’
    • ‘The number of bright young Maori lawyers who I now see working in the Treaty industry is a tragedy for this country.’
    • ‘Owning up to its own past conduct in promoting the burgeoning Treaty industry is well overdue.’
    • ‘The target market for this speech is, in fact, New Zealanders who are asking where this Treaty industry is taking us.’
    • ‘For the past 16 years, we have warned about separatism and the Treaty industry.’
    • ‘He had a clear date in mind to close the Treaty industry.’
    • ‘He didn't even try to defend the policies of overly generous welfare, underfunding of police, inadequate sentences for violent crime, and the Treaty industry.’
    • ‘Most people want to settle past grievances, but contemporary claims make them feel that the Treaty industry is never going to end.’
    • ‘They both have said that they are not tackling the really big myth, the really big fake, in this whole Treaty industry.’
    • ‘Our position on the Treaty industry is that it is unravelling the social fabric and cohesion of this country.’
    • ‘It may be simple to pretend that the Treaty industry was a highly principled and necessary process.’