Meaning of trebly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɛbli/

adjectiveadjective treblier, adjective trebliest

  • (of sound, especially recorded music) having too much treble; tinny.

    ‘the sound system delivered a tinny, trebly blare’
    • ‘Starting out with breakneck speed and the chaos it inspired, they played hard and loud with an abrasive, trebly sound that went straight for your jaw muscles.’
    • ‘The mono soundtrack sounds predictably canned and trebly, but the dubbed dialogue (there's no audio option for the original Spanish) presents clearly and the score, such as it is, is more or less unobtrusive.’
    • ‘Slash's trademark trebly guitar still sounds exactly the same.’
    • ‘The sound is crisp but trebly, though our bass-boosting custom EQ setting helped a bit.’
    • ‘You think of its angular features, of the crispness of everything in there, the way the drums sounded trebly without being lo-fi, and the way even the bass stood out, while maintaining a good bottom end.’
    • ‘The soundtrack is trebly 2.0 stereo and features some of the tackiest background music you'll hear in legitimate cinema.’
    • ‘Granted, they don't shy away from monotone, Teutonic vocals or cold, trebly analogue synth riffs, but their sound is equally rooted in punk influences.’
    • ‘Sticking around until its halfway mark brings a flurry of rangy acoustic snippets that surface trebly and flat, field recordings floating over what's become a multi-part rhythm when no one was watching.’
    • ‘Missing in action are the serrated trebly guitar noise and dub-party-at-the-end-of-the-earth rhythm section boom that made the band so fierce, so much more than a postpunk revival act.’
    • ‘Although the soundtrack has been remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1, it retains the shallow, trebly quality of what once was presumably a vanilla stereo source track.’
    • ‘They are mostly shorn of anything ‘pop’ like and are naked with deep bass, echoed drums and a variety of trebly horns, guitars and what sounds like phasers looped in from twenty planets away.’
    • ‘The bass sound itself is synthetic, tight and trebly, a product of the keyboard, not a real bass.’
    • ‘The nearly six-minute, hook-laden take-me-back love song has it all - handclaps, trebly guitar licks and crunchy distortion.’
    • ‘At the end of ‘Dub You Can Feel,’ the guitar emerges triumphantly for just a few moments, the bass cuts out all together, the volume surges, and the trebly groove holds it down briefly before the almighty bass submerges it all again.’
    • ‘Opener ‘Cara Mia’ begins with innocuous acoustic strumming, before a trebly guitar line precedes the metronome tick of the drums, and a coffeehouse performance turns into a professional courting.’
    • ‘Even the retro-metallic anthems of Passions tend to skitter dangerously on some trebly echophonic cliff, rather than plod into a Pleistocene tar pit.’
    • ‘As the last words of the song fade, the swell of organs segues into a trebly acoustic guitar and hi-hat section highly reminiscent of early Modest Mouse.’
    • ‘Satriani's guitar sounded a little thin and trebly during his set.’
    • ‘The song itself sounds lovely, Pete's tremolo guitar giving it a really nice feel, and my guitar solo so trebly it sounded like a sitar of all things.’
    • ‘Any bets on why these 80's Kinks albums are mixed so trebly they sound like bacon is frying right on the surface of your brain?’


as submodifier
  • Three times as much.

    ‘to Katherine, the house was trebly impressive’
    • ‘The touring exhibitions of pictures arranged by the London National Gallery are trebly useful.’
    • ‘It is a tough race but for one Beckenham grandmother this year it will be trebly difficult.’
    • ‘Chris' lack of top thatching is trebly compensated for by his vast Boer beard, which flows and flows, like the Victoria falls, to almost meet a belly of, well, prodigious proportions.’
    • ‘And if that holds for Europeans, it holds trebly for the countries of the Middle East itself, Israel excepted.’
    • ‘Yes, it's a time to be doubly, nay trebly cautious, but what about the men in blue doing their duty with enthusiasm too?’