Meaning of tree pie in English:

tree pie


  • A long-tailed tree-dwelling Asian crow, with blackish or brown and grey plumage.

    Family Corvidae: three genera, in particular Dendrocitta, and several species

    ‘For future reference you can always tell the real tree pie by its distinctive yellow bands.’
    • ‘On the first morning, sitting on the lawns, one watched tree pies and drongos taking the first rays of the sun atop a dried up tree.’
    • ‘Also, two frequent avian guests are the tree pies, with their very conspicuous long tails; and the small, blackish-grey spotted fantails, with their cocky, up-turned tails.’
    • ‘The Himalayan tree pie has a black forehead, gray coloration from the crown to the nape, a dark chestnut back and scapulars, and black wings with white specks.’
    • ‘This area is abundant in langurs, peafowl, spurfowl, and ubiquitous tree pies.’


Late 19th century pie from pie.