Meaning of tree sparrow in English:

tree sparrow


  • 1A Eurasian sparrow with a chocolate-brown cap in both sexes, inhabiting agricultural land.

    Passer montanus, family Passeridae (or Ploceidae)

    ‘Birds here are often so interesting, enthusiasts drop in regularly - I've spotted the chocolate head of a tree sparrow and heard the pig-like squeal of a water rail.’
    • ‘Over the past 18 months, the Z genotype of the virus has been found in Hong Kong in a dead little egret, two grey herons, a black-headed gull, a wild pigeon, a tree sparrow and a peregrine falcon, the study said.’
    • ‘Governments of the newest members to join the EU must learn the lessons from countries like the UK where declines of farmland wildlife have seen once common species, like the tree sparrow and lapwing, disappear from many areas.’
    • ‘House sparrows and Eurasian tree sparrows have been the most successful of the introduced sparrows.’
    • ‘If you live near open fields, you are quite likely to have tree sparrows visit your feeders.’
  • 2A migratory songbird of the bunting family, breeding on the edge of the North American tundra.

    Spizella arborea, family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizidae)

    ‘Songbirds also live here, including the snow bunting, raven, American tree sparrow, and hoary redpoll.’
    • ‘Other passerines, such as blackpoll warblers, American tree sparrows and lapland long-spurs, may be similarly affected.’