Meaning of treehopper in English:




  • A tree-dwelling jumping bug that lives chiefly in the tropics. A tall backward-curving projection of the thorax gives the bug a thornlike appearance for camouflage.

    Family Membracidae, suborder Homoptera: many species, including the bright green buffalo treehopper (Stictocephalus bisonia) of North America

    ‘Female egg guarding occurs in a wide variety of insects, including lace bugs, stink bugs, cockroaches, and treehoppers.’
    • ‘Additionally, results suggested that treehoppers benefit from ant attendance in ways other than protection from predators; tended treehoppers outperform untended treehoppers even with predators excluded.’
    • ‘This indicated that treehoppers benefit from ants in ways other than receiving protection from predators.’
    • ‘In the thornbug treehopper (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Umbonia crassicornis), females defend their aggregated offspring from predators.’
    • ‘Many species of membracid treehoppers, especially in the tropics, have mutualistic relationships with honeydew-harvesting ants.’