Meaning of Trekkie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɛki/

nounplural noun Trekkies

(also Trekker)
  • A fan of the US science fiction television programme Star Trek.

    • ‘If Star Trek fans are Trekkies, does that make Matrix fans ‘Trixies’?’
    • ‘A self-described ‘space freak,’ she is a Trekkie [as in Star Trek], who has her own ideas about what lies in the great beyond.’
    • ‘I also know a few hardcore female Trekkies and Star Wars fans.’
    • ‘A fanatic Trekkie or a completist is going to pick this set up regardless, but if you are interested in picking and choosing through the seasons, Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Three is a solid contender for space on your shelf.’
    • ‘The humor of this ‘fish out of water’ tale (pun intended) makes it one of the most beloved Trek films to Trekkers and non-Trekkers alike.’
    • ‘And the Potter-heads are not going to go anywhere, very much like Trekkies, the people who are fans of ‘Star Trek.’’
    • ‘And when it comes to television programmes Mike admits that he is a Trekkie.’
    • ‘Robert and Mark are complete Trekkies, of the old school, i.e. they are devotees of the original Star Trek series and think that William Shatner is a god of sorts.’
    • ‘But while it was nice to have more choices, not being a Trekkie knowledgeable on all the Star Trek universe history and its members, I found a certain level of comfort staying with the tried and true Federation or Klingon sects.’
    • ‘But take a Trekkie from a Star Wars movie theatre to a Star Trek Convention, and they are no longer the odd man out.’
    • ‘If you ever get a chance to meet up with Ellison, be sure to ask him about his love for Star Trek and how much he enjoys being a huge Trekkie.’
    • ‘I kind of hate myself for coming up with this idea, but it would probably generate obscenely huge ratings, from both the Trekkies and lovers of trainwreck television.’
    • ‘The Star Trek television series and roster of movies - not to mention books, the Las Vegas theme park and merchandising - have created legions of devoted Trekkies who are notoriously picky about their obsession.’
    • ‘As I said, this particular volume is for completists Trekkies only.’
    • ‘It's a movie not just for Trekkies and video game enthusiasts, Lee says.’
    • ‘Many of those who relentlessly promoted Star Wars by word-of-mouth after its 1977 opening were die-hard Trekkies / Trekkers.’
    • ‘Instead, I'm just going to delve into a few general topics about why Trek V fails for me, a Trekkie.’
    • ‘Then my parents would ship me off to some treatment centre where I'd be put in group therapy with a bunch of Trekkies.’
    • ‘While I'm sure I use them well enough I've never quite gotten my head around the whole verb-adjective thing, and while it's fun to laugh at Trekkies for the whole split infinitive thing I have no idea what one is or why it's a bad thing to do.’
    • ‘Now, there are still Trekkies all over the country?’