Meaning of tremendousness in English:


Pronunciation /trɪˈmɛndəsnəs/


See tremendous

‘He towered over our tent and blotted out the sun with his freakishly large tremendousness.’
  • ‘Whatever the thing could have been, my impression is of tremendousness, or of bulk many times that of all meteorites in all museums combined: also of relative slowness, or of long warning of approach.’
  • ‘‘It was just so hard to understand the tremendousness of what was happening.’’
  • ‘But, curiously enough, this joy was not triumphal; it was not pride or awe at the tremendousness of human power and mastery which filled the hearts of men, who now, when they looked up from the earth toward the skies, could behold there a thing of their own making.’
  • ‘One naturally listens to all such stories with a certain degree of incredulity; yet it does not seem to be beyond the hopes of science to invent a fire which would, by the very tremendousness of its effects, make war an absurdity, and so force on the great expected day when a general police of nations will prevent any one from entering on hostilities afflicting to itself and others.’