Meaning of trepidatious in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtrɛpɪˈdeɪʃəs/


  • Apprehensive or nervous; filled with trepidation.

    • ‘if you're trepidatious about foreign travel, start with an English-speaking country’
    • ‘I'm a bit trepidatious about posting the link to it on here just yet - after all, many projects of mine has risen and collapsed back into ashes in a matter of days or weeks - so I'll give it time to find some legs before I send any readers over to it.’
    • ‘Lyrically, this tells the tale of a trepidatious young bride bidding farewell to her tearful mother on the night before her wedding, in a manner that hints that she might not be entirely thrilled by the prospect.’
    • ‘Round the camp fire, someone joked that killing a goat was trepidatious, hubris in such a holy and mystical place.’
    • ‘And I am trepidatious regarding any encounter with these monsters that have been unleashed into our midst.’
    • ‘So while Reznor may be trepidatious about the commercial nature of the album, he has little reason to be.’
    • ‘But then when the opportunity and the role opened up for me, you know, then I was trepidatious, because I wasn't sure that I could bring to life, you know, the problems that people have with racism.’
    • ‘People who are only now coming online strike me as trepidatious pioneers, curious about what's out there but apt to flee homeward if the natives seem hostile.’
    • ‘J.F. and I have had, at best, a checkered interaction in the past so I am always a little trepidatious about these encounters.’
    • ‘The trepidatious throngs all fear the big eye in the sky.’
    • ‘He was generally trepidatious of acupuncture, so I gave him the commonest and simplest treatment of liver 3 and colon 4, called the 4 gates, because this releases internal toxic heat from the organs.’
    • ‘I must confess that I was a little trepidatious of becoming known as the ‘one herb doctor from America‘.’
    • ‘He had been expected to join the family again over the weekend but as Barbara Jones remembered, her stepmother had a trepidatious feeling that Tuesday morning, and phoned the house in Bakersfield.’
    easily frightened, lacking courage, fearful, apprehensive, faint-hearted