Meaning of trestle table in English:

trestle table


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  • A table consisting of a board or boards laid on trestles.

    ‘His designs - rocking chairs, a picnic table with benches, a trestle table, a garden bench - are beautiful and functional.’
    • ‘I spotted my first as I was driving into the shopping centre to help operate a street stall (a trestle table with a red tablecloth) with Rory's family on the Saturday morning.’
    • ‘An efficient wood stove stands in the middle of the common room, bordered on one side by couches, and on the other side by a rustic trestle table.’
    • ‘But my morning journey becomes that bit more hazardous - not only do I have one seller (with her trestle table outside Charlton station) to avoid, but now there's one outside Cannon Street as well!’
    • ‘Mr S sat at a trestle table surrounded by used polystyrene cups and editorial types in batwing sleeves, more keen on hanging out with the pseudo-celeb than manning the makeover table (work experience girls weren't so lucky).’
    • ‘The club has garages underneath the stand which could be used for storage and surely a trestle table could be used to sell the programmes outside.’
    • ‘A long trestle table had been set up down the middle of the restaurant and round it sat a company of jovial, red-faced, perspiring men; some wearing green paper hats, all with the shamrock in their button-hole.’
    • ‘My friends had wandered on ahead, but curiosity got the better of me, and pushing open the huge oaken door leading from the street, I found myself confronted by a large group of people sitting in the open air at a long trestle table.’
    • ‘There were other people already seated at the long trestle table, watching them with interest, and with one accord they made for seats away from the fire, somewhat in the shadows but no so far that it would raise suspicion.’
    • ‘And so saying he tore a chunk off a burnt burger and offered it to Alvin the Alpaca, the star of the pub's pet corner, who had been released into the paddock to join in the fun, and was scavenging under the trestle table for bits of stray salad.’
    • ‘It was only when the self-same hurled a dagger into the atmosphere, rotating a wild quicksilver, before embedding itself to the hilt in the trestle table, did the crew pay him any mind.’
    • ‘His desk did not look convincing, and rather than a portrait of Riccardo, to which he directs part of his aria, there was a bronze statue, lying under a dust sheet on a paint-spattered trestle table, which made no sense at all.’
    • ‘What began as a trestle table selling kippers became a smart, but never off-putting, restaurant offering the best seafood in the world, notably locally nurtured mussels and oysters.’
    • ‘Three female staff sat behind an uncovered trestle table squinting into the sun as they looked west to the railway yard and industrial buildings between the club and Hoddle Street.’
    • ‘At noon, as Anti-Nazi League demonstrators set up their trestle table in a hot and sticky Centenary Square, the atmosphere felt more like a fête than a serious political protest.’
    • ‘Another photograph, with the equally dispassionate title Model, shows part of a white architectural model atop a trestle table.’
    • ‘Nashville is a simply wonderful album, sexy and cool, much like the little fellow himself, and afterwards I snapped up his entire back catalogue from a man with a trestle table.’
    • ‘Before the show, John McNally, an original Searcher, sits in a gym-like room upstairs, next to a trestle table laden with snacks and bottles of water.’
    • ‘Viola was setting up the trestle table on the summer terrace, when she saw an ivory white dragon lift off from the gatekeeper's fortress at the bottom of the slope and fly up toward them.’
    • ‘A wood-carving shop materialised as men come across the village green with rucksacks of finished and unfinished pieces which are laid out on a trestle table.’
    workbench, worktable, table, counter, trestle table, board, work surface, buffet