Meaning of trews in English:


Pronunciation /truːz/

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plural noun

  • 1mainly British Trousers.

    ‘See, he wears a leather trews and a trenchcoat and glowers meaningfully!’
    • ‘She also sells pointed boots, tight black trews, crinolines, and hooped corsets (which use steel rather than whalebone) along with jewellery and accessories hinting at pagan and alternative sub-cultures’
    • ‘His usual high leather boots and baggy pleated trews had got soaked and muddy yesterday, he explained, and now they were drying off by the stove at home.’
    • ‘I would even be somewhat placated if William would just try out some tartan trews such as those his uncle Edward has occasionally sported on formal occasions.’
    • ‘But the Masonic tartan trews and kilts could be a bit of a giveaway.’
    • ‘And while these elderly gents may look faintly ridiculous when they troop out in their finery of tartan trews, Lincoln green tunics and feathered bonnets they are all serious people.’
    • ‘I asked him if he could make me a pair of tartan trews for evening wear and we instantly agreed on a pattern and he ushered me into his fitting room.’
    • ‘Bearing this in mind, special mention must be made of one visibly refreshed gentleman who was wearing a sort of tartan mannequin jacket and matching bondage trews.’
    • ‘‘We have just acquired our own tartan,’ said the professor, showing off his new trews.’
    • ‘The trews I wear at official functions I have paid for myself and I don't think ministers should expect the taxpayer to pay for theirs.’
    • ‘Wearing trousers or trews was not contemplated hence the improvisation later.’
    1. 1.1Close-fitting tartan trousers worn by certain Scottish regiments.
      ‘Tartan trews were introduced for the Scottish Lowland regiments.’
      • ‘The three Lowland infantry regiments, whose members have traditionally worn tartan trews for centuries, will be forced to wear kilts when the government's planned new Scottish ‘super-regiment’ is formed next year.’
      • ‘I intend that the Hunting Stewart tartan trews worn by the Royal Scots will become standard mess dress for all the ship's officers.’
      • ‘Senga had asked if she could come as part of the entourage because she was interested in the history of the place, but I caught her chatting up a Royal Scots subaltern in impossibly tight trews.’


Mid 16th century from Irish triús, Scottish Gaelic triubhas (singular); compare with trousers.