Meaning of tribometer in English:


Pronunciation /trʌɪˈbɒmɪtə/


  • An instrument for measuring friction in sliding.

    ‘The present invention relates to an improved tribometer having a sliding unit for receiving test samples.’
    • ‘This tribometer evaluates the tribological characteristics of liquid lubricants for space applications.’
    • ‘This is currently the only known certification program for tribometers in existence.’
    • ‘The established tribometers also represent a commercial opportunity for others to characterize the materials as well.’
    • ‘For both tribometers, the temperature can be controlled from - 20 degrees C to 120 degrees C.’
    • ‘The descriptive statistics vary with number of samples, and tribometers report average friction values based on different sample sizes.’
    • ‘The pin-on-ring tribometer is a standard configuration for tribology research on materials, coatings and lubricants.’
    • ‘This standard will address a wide range of different types of tribometers, without reference to specific patented devices.’
    • ‘The plain bearing tribometer allows the measurements of friction and wear parameters of a complete bearing for alternate rotations’
    • ‘Consequently, a new method was developed by using an UHV tribometer associated with surface analytical tools to simulate the molecule chemical reactivity toward surfaces.’