Meaning of trichiasis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Ingrowth or introversion of the eyelashes.

    ‘About 7.6 million people have trachomatous trichiasis, the blinding stage of this infectious disease.’
    • ‘Adverse outcomes of interventions were corneal exposure, ulceration, phthisis bulbi, and severe recurrent trichiasis.’
    • ‘The surgery is a simple procedure for realigning the inturned eyelashes of trichiasis patients.’
    • ‘The breed is subject to several eye problems, however: progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts and trichiasis.’
    • ‘In most populations women are as much as three times more likely to develop trichiasis than men are.’



/ˌtrɪkɪˈeɪsɪs/ /trɪˈkʌɪəsɪs/


Mid 17th century via late Latin from Greek trikhiasis, from trikhian ‘be hairy’.