Significado de trichome en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈtrʌɪkəʊm/ /ˈtrɪkəʊm/


  • A small hair or other outgrowth from the epidermis of a plant, typically unicellular and glandular.

    ‘The majority of flowering plants produce multicellular trichomes.’
    • ‘The adaxial and abaxial surfaces of the investigated leaves of Styrian oil pumpkin showed numerous glandular trichomes and bristle hairs.’
    • ‘Moreover, the composition of exudates produced by glandular trichomes may change with leaf age.’
    • ‘Most labiates have glandular trichomes that emerge from the epidermal surface of their leaves, stems and reproductive structures.’
    • ‘Nectar is secreted by glandular trichomes distributed over the internal surface of the corolla.’


Late 19th century from Greek trikhōma, from trikhoun ‘cover with hair’.