Meaning of trick out of in English:

trick out of

phrasal verb

  • trick someone out of somethingUse deception to deprive someone of something.

    ‘two men tricked a pensioner out of several hundred pounds’
    • ‘Instead, she uses cajolery, deception, and sexual manipulation to trick him out of consummating the marriage.’
    • ‘A conman posing as a police officer is believed to have struck four times in Wickford, preying on women in their 80s and tricking them out of money.’
    • ‘Restaurants try to trick you out of a little more money in exchange for a lot more food.’
    • ‘Emotion was there to trick us out of applying reason.’
    • ‘A conwoman who has been waking people in the middle of the night, spinning a sob story to trick them out of money has been foiled by an 80-year-old woman.’
    • ‘Yesterday he vehemently denied deliberately hatching the elaborate scheme to trick Mrs Fretwell out of her home.’
    • ‘A pensioner today told how she defied a conman who tried to trick her out of thousands of pounds.’
    • ‘I'm going to give you my reason for why we're in this war, so have enough respect for me to believe what I say; I'm not trying to trick you out of your opinions.’
    • ‘And no matter how little or how much money you have, there'll always be people hoping to trick you out of it.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, some primatologists noticed that monkeys and apes - unlike other mammals - sometimes deceived members of their own species, in order to trick them out of food or sneak off for some furtive courtships.’
    deprive, strip, dispossess, relieve