Meaning of trickiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪkɪnəs/

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‘Smith's technique makes the structural trickiness of the script work - in the hands of a lesser performer, Shakespeare's Will would not be as effective a drama.’
  • ‘One of the many marvelous things about American Splendor is that the extraordinary trickiness of the film's structure is truly the only way to tell its story.’
  • ‘The conspiracy theorists, however, interpret it as a bit of trickiness.’
  • ‘But just the same, I love photography's trickiness - which it can't help, or rather, our uncertain perception of it - which we can't help.’
  • ‘But unlike Mr. Jack I was neither a doctor nor a surgeon, and thus I was unequipped to deal with the trickiness of human anatomy.’