Meaning of triclinic in English:


Pronunciation /trʌɪˈklɪnɪk/


  • Of or denoting a crystal system or three-dimensional geometrical arrangement having three unequal oblique axes.

    ‘Such switching behaviour can be attributed to the kinematic partitioning of a bulk triclinic strain into end-member domains dominated by non-coaxial, monoclinic contraction and wrench simple shear.’
    • ‘All crystals display anomalous birefringence when viewed down the c-axis, indicating that they have lower than hexagonal symmetry - probably monoclinic or triclinic.’
    • ‘A well-exposed coastal section from Eyemouth to Bummouth preserves a broadly homoclinal sequence in which a highly heterogeneous array of contemporaneous structures formed during regional triclinic transpression.’
    • ‘The domains are interpreted to result from kinematic partitioning of a regional triclinic transpressional strain into contraction- and wrench-dominated end-member deformations.’
    • ‘Fig. 5 summarizes the model for the behavior of water molecules derived from the structural and dynamical studies on triclinic crystals of hen-egg white lysozyme, at room temperature, and in the time range around 330 ps.’
    • ‘The triclinic lysozyme crystals were placed in a small cup with only a few drops of mother liquor, after which they were equilibrated for 3 weeks in a confined atmosphere with a large excess of deuterated mother liquor.’
    • ‘The recent work on the structure of the solvent in triclinic crystals of hen-egg white lysozyme, by neutron diffraction and at room temperature, threw new light on this question.’
    • ‘With time this triple-layered phase underwent a partial transformation into a crystalline trilayer with a structure akin to that of the 3D triclinic crystal of cholesterol monohydrate.’


Mid 19th century from Greek tri-‘three’ + -clinic, on the pattern of monoclinic.