Meaning of trident in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrʌɪd(ə)nt/

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  • 1A three-pronged spear, especially as an attribute of Poseidon (Neptune) or Britannia.

    ‘The yatras have in the past sparked clashes in Ahmedabad as Hindu devotees - armed with swords, tridents and spears - hurled anti-Muslim insults from atop chariots and trucks.’
    • ‘There are also warriors armed with swords, tridents and other weapons.’
    • ‘The riders bore broad kite shields for added defence, and struck out with curved scimitars and tridents.’
    • ‘I backed off a few steps, I thrust the trident, he blocked it with his swords but the trident smashed through them.’
    • ‘A good example of such a costly vessel incorporating the figure of Neptune with his trident is shown in the Kalf painting in Plate XI.’
    • ‘For his coat-of-arms he chose to show Neptune, his trident, and a large fish.’
    • ‘In Greek mythology, Poseidon wielded his mighty trident to rule over all the world's water.’
    • ‘Knives, swords, tridents and throwing knives were the norm.’
    • ‘They gather every day at the clock tower, form groups, and head in one direction or another, tossing slogans on the tips of their swords and tridents.’
    • ‘Thousands carrying swords, tridents and saffron flags marched in front of the chariots all the way down to the river.’
    • ‘Romulus grasped the trident, an attractive weapon of golden bronze with a grip midway down its shaft.’
    • ‘That is also the reason why its version of the trishul is drastically modified to make it look more like a dagger than a trident.’
    • ‘This device was oddly nautical, the arrow was a trident and the board, which the wind clapped, shaped a bit like a ship's wheel.’
    • ‘In the section on Chinese weapons, clear and colorful illustrations of a halberd, trident and crossbow support the text.’
    • ‘A figure playing Neptune reclines on a sail-covered chest, a trident in hand and a merman by his side.’
    • ‘A little further along, at 18m, is a substantial stone statue of a figure frozen in the act of hurling a spear, or more likely a trident.’
    • ‘Beside him I could hear the sizzling again, and grabbing hold of the trident's hilt I pulled.’
    • ‘A red-handled weapon, looking similar to a trident, was gripped tightly in his hands as if he were expecting danger.’
  • 2

    (also Trident)
    A US design of submarine-launched long-range ballistic missile.

    ‘The Ohio class submarine is equipped with the Trident strategic ballistic missile.’
    • ‘It's a Trident ballistic missile submarine that's home ported in Farmington, Washington.’
    • ‘For the time being though, anti - capitalist activity in Scotland is focused on the Trident nuclear missile submarines at Faslane.’
    • ‘The government now has to decide whether to replace the Trident nuclear submarine with a new £10 bn set of weapons.’
    • ‘Now even the Trident boats are taking their place in the limelight.’


Late Middle English from Latin trident-, from tri- ‘three’ + dens, dent- ‘tooth’.