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  • Ready to react violently, especially by shooting, on the slightest provocation.

    ‘territory controlled by trigger-happy bandits’
    • ‘Regan gasped, surprised, not expecting such a fierce attack from his cousin, though she was known to be violent and trigger-happy.’
    • ‘It exceeded the 4 x 6 inches allowed by the jail, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was not rejected by the trigger-happy mailroom.’
    • ‘Johnson saw the risk posed by trigger-happy reporters and presidents mistaking passion for facts while dispatching others to march in enemy crosshairs.’
    • ‘By conflating the four episodes into two film-length pieces, the BBC runs the risk of tempting trigger-happy viewers to channel-hop, which would be a genuine shame.’
    • ‘Then there are the trigger-happy youths with airguns, who bored with shooting at cardboard targets, can't resist taking pot shots at birds, or anything else that moves, even cats.’
    • ‘I must say I agree with the $20,000 fine some trigger-happy moron got for killing a condor - though I would have sent the big hero to jail as well.’
    • ‘The trigger-happy insanity shown in the second segment is proven by the first to have come from somewhere - it isn't an intrinsic element of manhood.’
    • ‘MPs enjoy quaint privileges-the finance ministry sells confiscated weapons costing lakhs of rupees to trigger-happy MPs at a fraction of the cost.’
    • ‘‘It was a joke I was having with the boys,’ the trigger-happy star explained, rejecting reports that the firearm had been real.’
    • ‘And the military got trigger-happy and fired on them.’
    • ‘Even Winston Churchill, then the minister responsible, was shocked by the action of some trigger-happy pilots and vengeful ground troops.’
    • ‘At first it was the gangs they feared, then it was trigger-happy cops.’
    • ‘Although one day a week playing military games is nothing like being a bush fighter, it did make it easier to deal with trigger-happy teenage sentries in Uganda and Somalia and Sudan.’
    • ‘Andrea Seppi, a creative photographer from Germany, combines a trigger-happy attitude with propensity for perfection.’
    • ‘Arguably, however, the cops should be more trigger-happy than they are.’
    • ‘Too many of us live outside Lesotho, which is normal, after so many years of a trigger-happy government.’
    • ‘Many have online accounts, which tend to appeal to trigger-happy investors.’
    • ‘It's a worrying statistic and maybe a trigger-happy situation but, by the same token, you need to be seen to be going forward.’
    • ‘Ethics cannot be left to the discretion of anyone who is frivolous or trigger-happy.’
    • ‘The greater emphasis on stealth may not find favor with trigger-happy players, and the inability to fire whilst prone and in the vicinity of an object is rather irritating.’