Meaning of Trinidadian in English:


Pronunciation /trɪnɪˈdeɪdɪən/ /trɪnɪˈdadɪən/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of the island Trinidad or its people.

    ‘songs in Trinidadian dialect’
    • ‘He is currently the biggest name on the Trinidadian soca scene.’
    • ‘Bringing together 20 now little-heard songs, this CD celebrates Trinidadian calypso's arrival in London in the 10 years or so after 1945.’
    • ‘The Trinidadian striker whirled and thumped in a volley which looked net-bound but just skimmed by the left-hand post.’
    • ‘In purely practical terms, he was the first Trinidadian artist to actually earn a living solely from his art, paving the way for two generations of professional artists.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the island Trinidad.

    ‘the umpire was a Trinidadian’
    • ‘Every living Trinidadian knows his songs.’
    • ‘Stephen is like everybody else, an ordinary Trinidadian going about his business, making a living, looking after his family, enjoying Trinidad life.’
    • ‘The Trinidadian favoured long chapters and winding sentences.’
    • ‘Trinidadians are truly friendly, the cuisine is excellent, and lively arts such as theater plays and music are instantly available.’