Meaning of trip the light fantastic in English:

trip the light fantastic


  • Dance, in particular engage in ballroom dancing.

    ‘They enjoyed a four-course dinner, charity auction and a dance band so they could trip the light fantastic.’
    • ‘They are great fans of this style of dancing and trip the light fantastic each Thursday night to keep in practice.’
    • ‘She tap-dances and trips the light fantastic in a couple of big-production numbers, wearing a Gloria Swanson-style wig and fabulous frocks.’
    • ‘In recent years, ‘6O's nights’ have become very popular, bringing out some not so young rockers for a nostalgic night of tripping the light fantastic.’
    • ‘Many who attended the festival in those years have still remained fans and those same drama fans, who were big on dancing, are more at ease in the seats at a play than tripping the light fantastic in earlier years.’
    • ‘Their repertoire will be a blend of songs old and new, with the more energetic tripping the light fantastic.’
    • ‘As the crowd tripped the light fantastic, Gareth and Joseph pulled apart a huge Christmas cracker to set the city alight.’
    • ‘Three west Wiltshire towns tripped the light fantastic as they got the festive season underway.’
    • ‘He can still trip the light fantastic as good as ever and his many friends have wished him many more years of health and happiness.’
    • ‘When that music starts up again, I want to feel you in my arms, tripping the light fantastic.’
    trip, sway, spin, whirl, twirl, pirouette, gyrate


    From ‘Trip it as you go On the light fantastic toe’ (Milton's L'Allegro).