Meaning of triple jump in English:

triple jump

(also triple-jump)


  • 1the triple jumpAn athletic event in which competitors attempt to jump as far as possible by performing a hop, a step, and a jump from a running start.

    ‘McDonald won the triple jump’
    • ‘The star performer was Rachel who won the javelin, triple jump, high jump and 100m hurdles.’
    • ‘In the long jump, triple jump and pole vault, horizontal velocity is crucial to performance, so head winds will reduce the size of the jump while tail winds will assist the jumper.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Tatyana added long jump gold to the triple jump title she won on Saturday.’
    • ‘Jessie has a different kind of track record, following a successful GB junior athletics career, concentrating on the heptathlon and triple jump events.’
    • ‘He has shown that, even at the age of 35, he can continue to dominate the triple jump event for years to come.’
    • ‘Women compete in the 100m, 800m, 1500m, 400m hurdles, high jump and triple jump.’
    • ‘We're used to the triple jump and pole vault, having watched them for years.’
    • ‘The Athens site has a 400-meter, six-lane, all-weather track with pole vault and high jump pits and long jump and triple jump runways.’
    • ‘I like athletics and do the long jump, triple jump and 100m.’
    • ‘He gave Britain its first gold of the World Championships with a stunning performance in the triple jump.’
    • ‘Both veterans gained significant amount of points for the men's team in their respective events, the high jump and triple jump, with third place finishes.’
    • ‘He competed in the triple jump and pole vault in high school as well as diving, football and wrestling.’
    • ‘It's not like learning the pole vault or triple jump.’
    • ‘In her senior year, won state championship in 300m hurdles, 100m hurdles, triple jump, and long jump’
    • ‘Events, for boys and girls, included relays, long jump, triple jump, target shoot, overhead ball throw, javelin, speed bounce and balance.’
    • ‘In the dying moments of the championships Edwards saw his triple jump hopes dashed by a succession of incredible jumps from his rivals.’
    • ‘He won the standing long jump, the standing high jump and the standing triple jump at the 1900 and 1904 Olympics in Paris and St Louis, respectively.’
    • ‘She completed her medal haul with long jump and triple jump silvers, jumping 4. 27m and 9. 32m respectively.’
    • ‘Her triple jump of 10.35 metres won her the athlete of the match award.’
    • ‘He won the world youth triple jump crown in 2001 and has been tipped for future success.’
  • 2Skating
    A jump in which the skater makes three full turns while in the air.

    • ‘Though she rebounded to skate the rest of the program cleanly with three triple jumps and a double axel, her score of 55.6 put the girls team nearly a point behind.’
    • ‘As millions watch, the figure skater misses the triple jump she had landed perfectly in practice just moments before.’
    • ‘Proper down in the knees position must be achieved in order to do high level double and triple jumps or high level ice dancing.’
    • ‘She almost has her double axel and is working on triple jumps.’
    • ‘‘I plan to work a lot this year on making my triple jumps more consistent,’ she said.’


[no object]
  • (of an athlete) perform a triple jump.

    as noun triple-jumping ‘the history of British triple-jumping’
    • ‘He wasn't bad at track, either, competing in all sorts of events and once triple-jumping nearly 47 feet.’
    • ‘This was the year that Edwards leapt not only to the top of the triple-jumping rankings, but also into the record books.’
    • ‘She continued to have a great day full of great performances, as she triple jumped 30'11", a mere inch short of qualifying for divisionals.’
    • ‘On Saturday morning, she triple-jumped once, ran the hurdles semifinal, returned to win her triple jump medal, and moved immediately to the hurdles final.’


triple jump