Meaning of triplet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪplɪt/

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  • 1usually tripletsOne of three children or animals born at the same birth.

    ‘she was expecting triplets’
    • ‘the lamb was a triplet and small’
    • ‘In fact, triplets born to older mothers were actually less likely to experience poor birth outcomes than were triplets born to younger mothers.’
    • ‘Six years before I was born, my mother gave birth to triplets: Felicity, Everett and Dillon.’
    • ‘Nearly 10,000 multiple births were recorded last year in the UK, and one in 35 children is now born as a twin, while triplet births have quadrupled in many countries.’
    • ‘I went there and saw the third lamb of a set of triplets being born.’
    • ‘If triplets or more were born, only two lambs were allowed to be reared with the dam, and the extra lambs were removed at 12 to 24 h of age and reared artificially.’
    • ‘Rates of multiple births vary from country to country, but typically something like one in 7000 to 10000 births are naturally triplets.’
    • ‘There are 4,000 births of twins and triplets in Australia each year.’
    • ‘Since then, three sets of twins and a set of triplets have been born.’
    • ‘The rate of triplets born in Scotland did not follow the same trend, with 12 in 1999 compared to eight in 2003.’
    • ‘We have excluded triplets and higher order births from all tables.’
    • ‘Half of all twins and most triplets are born preterm.’
    • ‘The three cubs pictured above are believed to be the first set of polar bear triplets born in captivity.’
    • ‘She did not become pregnant with the first three embryos but a second attempt using frozen embryos proved successful - and the couple were told that after years of waiting and hoping that they were expecting triplets.’
    • ‘A mother has beaten odds of one in 10,000 by giving birth to triplet boys after conceiving naturally.’
    • ‘Feeding more than one baby, dressing twins and triplets and buying children s equipment such as buggies are among the issues that will be under discussion.’
    • ‘The three little girls settled in well and were the first triplets to attend that school.’
    • ‘Close to 60 percent of twins, over 90 percent of triplets and virtually all quadruplets and higher multiples are born preterm.’
    • ‘I never expected them to be twins, let alone triplets or quadruplets.’
    • ‘The rate of triplet and higher-order multiple births has declined for the second year in a row, after large increases from 1980 to 1998.’
    • ‘It would be safer for women to give birth in hospital if they were having twins or triplet or if their baby has a medical problem.’
  • 2A set or succession of three similar things.

    ‘a triplet of aces’
    • ‘the boxer's jab came in triplets’
    • ‘The reason why a triplet or quad of Aces is worth so few points is because they can be very easy to get.’
    • ‘It constitutes a triplet, the first number representing the position, the second the wavelength and the third the transmission.’
    • ‘DNA, RNA, and protein triplets or pairs were united on the basis of a high degree of similarity as detected by the appropriate blast algorithm or on the basis of annotation.’
    • ‘Schools swim back and forth near shore at night, just outside the breaking waves, then split into pairs or triplets attached to one another, swimming toward the beach on a wave.’
    • ‘In general Keyword pairs or triplets are better than single keywords.’
    • ‘Small branch formulas or herb pairs or triplets are chosen to address prominent branch symptomology.’
    • ‘There are no other unlinked loci, nor are there any locus pairs or triplets that do not link to one of the nine linkage groups.’
    • ‘Single cards, pairs and triplets can be completed to quadruplets.’
    • ‘The third in the triplet took you in totally the opposite direction by looking at life as a transgender person who blurs the distinction between male and female identification.’
    • ‘Starting with a pair or triplet of markers, parametric approaches carry out local extension and perform local permutations of consecutive markers to produce the most likely marker order.’
    • ‘The number of triplet repeats in normal individuals is 11-34.’
    • ‘This work suggests that neither the number of available triplet codons nor the translational machinery itself represents a significant barrier to further expansion of the genetic code.’
    • ‘For example, M 3,2 is the number of triplet events affecting positions 2 and 3 of one codon and position 1 of the following codon.’
    • ‘The presence of an increased number of triplet repeat sequences is diagnostic for some single gene disorders.’
    • ‘Proper diagnosis depends critically on accurate counts of the number of triplet repeats.’
    1. 2.1Music A group of three equal notes to be performed in the time of two or four.
      ‘In addition to quarters, eighths and sixteenth notes, triplets and dotted rhythms are used tastefully and add variety.’
      • ‘Voicing in many pieces is made more advanced by placing the melody in the same hand as many moving sixteenth notes or triplets.’
      • ‘The arrows indicate the beginning of the grace note figure and the placement of each note in the triplet figure for the left hand.’
      • ‘It also has some of the most tender passages Brahms ever wrote and a concluding series of halting triplets that is mesmerizing.’
      • ‘All notes, rests, accidentals, articulations, triplets and staves are provided for the user.’
    2. 2.2A set of three rhyming lines of verse.
      ‘That's to say, his poems build displacement into their structures: they move forward in discrete couplet and triplet units, they offer small bright pleasures and ask us to pass on quickly.’
      • ‘The verses of the Irish chapbooks are all in couplets but, in using the ‘liberty’ line, a pair of couplets is transformed into a triplet plus an isolated line.’
      • ‘Fifty-two of these triplets would be published in 1977 as Finding Losses.’
      stanza, strophe, stave, canto
  • 3Physics Chemistry
    An atomic or molecular state characterized by two unpaired electrons with parallel spins.

    ‘The relatively stable ground state of oxygen is a triplet state with two unpaired electrons with the same spin quantum number, each located in different antibonding orbitals.’
    • ‘Such fields, however, do not wreck triplet superconductivity because the spins of both electrons may point in the same direction as the field.’
    • ‘A new reaction of this dye, whereby its excited triplet state oxidizes suitable electron donors, is now reported.’
    • ‘The photodynamic effect is accomplished mainly through the formation of singlet oxygen in the quenching of the sensitizer triplet state by ambient molecular oxygen.’
    • ‘Such electron transfer from the amine to the triplet ketone within a charge transfer complex is a well-established phenomenon.’
    • ‘Our current hypothesis as to why these transfer functions vary within and across species boundaries is based on mechanistic differences between electron and triplet energy transfer.’
    1. 3.1A group of three associated lines close together in a spectrum or electrophoretic gel.
      ‘One central residue and its two selected supporting residues (one on each side) are together called a residue triplet.’
      • ‘The analysis wavelength was 470 nm, near the maximum of the triplet difference spectra.’
      • ‘The triplet and the quartet lines are clearly distinguished at the different spatial positions.’
      • ‘Because the Y base is located at position 37 adjacent to the anticodon triplet, its fluorescence is sensitive to any changes in the conformation and the binding state of the anticodon loop.’


Mid 17th century from triple, on the pattern of doublet.