Meaning of triplication in English:


Pronunciation /trɪplɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


See triplicate

‘A face can also be doubled (or multiplied, for instance, in the triplication of one actress within the same image) or borrowed.’
  • ‘This map is used to estimate the degree of redundancy of chromosomes (i.e., the number of duplications, triplications, etc.).’
  • ‘Originally presented to staff as a means of reducing administrative triplication, it has since become clear that the plan will eliminate at least 250 jobs, including teaching positions, mainly at the lowest pay scales.’
  • ‘Only 4% of the recombination events gave such a triplication.’
  • ‘Because of triplication of genetic material, wheat can tolerate the loss of whole chromosomes, arms, and segments.’