Meaning of triumviral in English:



See triumvir

‘This left the empire in the hands of Octavian and Antony, who retained their triumviral power.’
  • ‘After his death, the triumviral riots were exacerbated.’
  • ‘The author's cultural history of the triumviral period is a useful model for approaching other similarly troublesome moments in Roman history.’
  • ‘In addition, Octavian had started to prefix his name with the designation ‘Imperator,’ to suggest that he was the commander par excellence; and now, although he continued to use his triumviral powers, he omitted all reference to them from his coins, gradually concentrating on the plain, emotive name ‘Caesar Son of a God.’’
  • ‘The Republican beginnings of imperial cult come not surprisingly after a triumviral grant of privileges in 39 BC.’