Meaning of trofie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrəʊfɪeɪ/

plural noun

  • Pasta in the form of short irregularly twisted pieces with pointed ends, traditionally eaten with pesto.

    ‘Phil tried the pizza and I had trofie with pesto genovese’
    • ‘If you can't find trofie then a similar shaped pasta will do, or you could even use spaghetti.’
    • ‘There are only three pastas on the menu, among them an absolutely terrific trofie, made in-house and tossed with fava beans and pecorino cheese.’
    • ‘The trofie are mixed with Ligurian pesto and stracchino, which gently bind the pasta strands.’
    • ‘Reserve a small cupful of the cooking water, and then drain the trofie into a colander and transfer them to the large bowl with the green beans.’
    • ‘Trofie are an alternative to trenette (thick pasta of a roughly square cross-section) for serving with the famous pesto sauce.’
    • ‘Don't worry if the trofie are a bit more like worms than like corkscrews: as long as they are all roughly the same thickness and shape, they will be fine.’
    • ‘Trofie might not be the simplest, quickest pasta shape to make but they certainly are among the loveliest to eat.’


Italian, from a Ligurian form corresponding to strofinare ‘rub, polish’, with reference to the movement of the hands in moulding the pasta.