Meaning of troika in English:



  • 1A Russian vehicle pulled by a team of three horses abreast.

    • ‘A ride through the forests on a troika - a sleigh pulled by three horses - is a real treat.’
    • ‘Chekhov recounts how his horse-driven tarantass, an uncomfortable springless carriage, almost collided with three post troikas racing in the opposite direction, drivers asleep at the reins - it was nearly a fatal collision.’
    • ‘We've arranged for you a full programme of guided sightseeing and seasonal activities, including a magnificent ballet performance and a real Troika ride to make your trip an unforgettable treat for the magical New Year season!’
    1. 1.1A team of three horses for a troika.
      ‘The troika of horses trotted bravely forward, and presently the bridge thundered under the combined weight of the hooves and wheels.’
  • 2A group of three people working together, especially in an administrative or managerial capacity.

    • ‘The decision to suspend the country was made by the troika consisting of the President of Nigeria, the Prime Minister of Australia, and the President of South Africa.’
    • ‘Indeed, this is only one example of the kind of pressure that the troika exerted on multilateral bodies.’
    • ‘The leader, on taking his position as the third member of the ruling troika, made it clear that this was little more than a pipe dream as he declared himself ‘very comfortable’ with the agreement that had been reached.’
    • ‘Together, the Council presidency, High Representative, and Commissioner for External Affairs form a troika which represents the EU as a whole in international diplomacy.’
    • ‘They aggressively courted famous personalities, landing on a troika who were almost completely new to electoral politics.’
    • ‘He is a member of a Commonwealth troika, which includes the Nigerian President and the Australian Prime Minister, which must consider the Commonwealth report and decide on action.’
    • ‘Together this troika provided the professional ballast which was essential if Churchill's strategic imagination was to remain tethered to reality.’
    • ‘Speculation is rife about which minister deserves promotion to make up the missing third in the troika of Deputy Prime Ministers.’
    • ‘The third member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations troika is Malaysia.’
    • ‘He heads a Commonwealth troika tasked with taking action on the country following controversial elections held in March.’
    • ‘He and the journal prospered, and in 1977 he turned it over to a troika of executive editors.’
    • ‘He was one of a troika of Commonwealth leaders who recommended suspension.’
    • ‘By now, everyone has noticed the total lack of response by this troika to the terrorism crisis.’
    • ‘People will forget the troika in a few months,’ he predicted.’
    • ‘The troika had achieved something that no international-relief agency, no high-tech software company, no bent-for-leather military group had accomplished.’


Russian, from troe ‘set of three’.