Meaning of trolleybus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɒlɪbʌs/

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  • A bus powered by electricity obtained from overhead wires by means of a pole.

    ‘At their peak 20,000 trolleybuses, which run on wheels and are powered by overhead electric cables, were in operation in the UK.’
    • ‘They are believers in integrated transport links using trains, buses, trolleybuses and trams to increase passenger usage.’
    • ‘It would not be restricted to travelling under wires, so could follow diversions and overtake other trolleybuses.’
    • ‘This will involve the purchase of 100 new trolleybuses and buses and the modernisation of the tram fleet.’
    • ‘I actually like the new buses - they afford easy entry/exit at multiple points along the body of the bus, akin to the trams and trolleybuses in continental cities and modern British cities like Manchester and Sheffield.’
    • ‘The claret and amber stripes are as important a part of this city's identity as the town hall clock and the old trolleybuses.’
    • ‘Ever since trolleybuses disappeared in Bradford there has been a desire to bring them back.’
    • ‘Back she comes with her shopping bag, sliding on the icy pavements, the yellow afternoon lights coming on and trolleybuses schussing along on their crackling ski-poles.’
    • ‘They declined steadily thereafter, with some traffic being transferred to the trolleybuses, pioneered by Leeds and Bradford in 1911, but which, at their peak, only carried a little over 2,000 million passengers.’
    • ‘The minute my friend and I, bound for the concert, got off the trolleybus to reach the venue, it was obvious everyone was out for a great night.’
    • ‘The spectacular journey delivers you across the spine of Japan by cable car, bus, trolleybus and ropeway.’
    • ‘I ventured on to the Danube's east bank and clambered aboard a trolleybus bound for City Park.’
    • ‘Campaigners who fought a battle to have Doncaster's last remaining trolleybus poles listed for conservation have welcomed council plans to restore them.’
    • ‘Today I saw that the trolleybus lines were broken along Kent Terrace.’
    • ‘London is famed for its highly efficient trolleybus system.’