Meaning of trona in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrəʊnə/


mass noun
  • A grey mineral which occurs as an evaporite in salt deposits and consists of a hydrated carbonate and bicarbonate of sodium.

    ‘Most of the sodium carbonate used in North America comes from large deposits of the mineral trona, a sodium carbonate/bicarbonate found in Wyoming.’
    • ‘There is a zone nearly half of which consists of granular aggregates of trona and natron with numerous inclusions of pale pink prismatic crystals of shomiokite- reaching 15 cm long and 8 cm in diameter.’
    • ‘In alkaline lakes, natron and trona are found in the United States, Africa, and South America.’
    • ‘Another large producer of soda ash, the Corporation, also relies on trona to manufacture soda ash and sodium bicarbonate.’
    • ‘In addition to its well-preserved fossil fish, the Green River Formation is famous for its trona and oil shale.’


Late 18th century from Swedish, from Arabic naṭrūn (see natron).