Meaning of tronc in English:


Pronunciation /trɒŋk/


  • (in a hotel or restaurant) a common fund into which tips and service charges are paid for distribution to the staff.

    ‘The main target and focus for the Revenue may have changed, but troncs are still very much on the radar.’
    • ‘Last year the Revenue lost a long-running court battle regarding troncs and National Insurance contributions.’
    • ‘He explores the tax treatment of tips and troncs for restaurants and other hospitality businesses.’
    • ‘In effect the revenue has conceded that an employer can offer advice on how tronc is allocated provided the troncmaster is not the employer and the troncmaster freely decides how the tronc is divided.’
    • ‘Today's announcement is very welcome and provides yet further clarity on the tax treatment of tips and troncs.’
    • ‘You have never paid any National Insurance contributions on tronc monies, but are now expecting a visit from the Inland Revenue…’
    • ‘Leaving aside troncs, though, there is a far more interesting point about the non-declaration of tips which would cause many businesses a problem if HMRC asked about them!’
    • ‘Both organisations applauded changes to the position for tips and troncs.’
    • ‘HM Revenue & Customs has lost an employment tribunal case on troncs - the pool of tips shared out among staff - after a Tribunal ruled that money paid to employees through a separate tronc payroll does count as earnings towards the National Minimum Wage.’
    • ‘Part of their recent attack was aimed at troncs, schemes operated by employees to collect and distribute tips to other employees and, in particular, the National Insurance Contributions due on tips distributed through troncs.’


1920s from French, literally ‘collecting box’.