Meaning of trotter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɒtə/

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  • 1A pig's foot used as food.

    ‘brawn would be made from the trotters and the ears’
    • ‘he lay down the half-eaten trotter’
    • ‘People who have eaten pork trotters or any other collagen-rich cut of meat may have noticed an enhanced shininess to their hair, stronger nails, or less achy joints.’
    • ‘I suspect it is also the only place in London where you can order a plate of crisp-fried crubeens for your dinner (crubeens are pig's trotters that have been first cooked in stock).’
    • ‘They are followed by five meat dishes with pork, pig's trotter, veal and NZ rack of lamb done in different ways.’
    • ‘Every scrap was eaten, snout, ears, trotters - even the tail was used to flavour soup.’
    • ‘To finish the pig trotters: Dredge the pig trotter slices in the flour, patting off any excess.’
    • ‘Eating out at least five nights a week, she has seen trends come and go: peasant Italian, posh Irish, fish heads, pigs' trotters, white bread, blackened cod, raw beef, triple-cooked chips.’
    • ‘This anticipates a love of chitterlings, grilled pig's ears, marrow bones, stuffed trotters, kidneys and brains.’
    • ‘There's hardly a bit of a pig you can't eat, from the head boiled up in a stewy soup to the trotters with their savoury jelly and morsels of meat.’
    • ‘There was one quite good, and quite true, anecdote about the time I went into a butcher's shop and happened to say, in all earnestness, ‘Do you have pigs' trotters?’’
    • ‘I try desperately not to cringe when offered tongue, frog's legs and pig's trotters, and I eat them, every time.’
    • ‘Hocks, which look a bit like a miniature ham, are cut from the forequarter of pork, adjoining the trotters.’
    • ‘‘Vegetables are my favourite food, along with pigs' trotters, which are very good for you because they are full of collagen,’ she said, adding that she does not drink any alcohol.’
    • ‘Try the sliced trotter in brown sauce or the sliced beef in brown sauce.’
    • ‘You can learn what to do with pigs' trotters and how to make your own bacon.’
    • ‘These were pig's trotters baked in a glass bowl with garlic and sauce.’
    • ‘I started with a fried pig's trotter and a spoonful of lentils.’
    foot, trotter, cloven hoof
    1. 1.1humorous A human foot.
      ‘dainty little trotters’
      • ‘Well, no doubt she would be racing back to the village as fast as her little trotters could carry her, in order to spread the word about Francesca's scandalous blue dress and her coughing ghost of a husband.’
      • ‘He will not get up on his hind trotters and explain this appalling legislation.’
      • ‘You might not think it to see my trotters in trainers, but I would dearly love to be able to get away with impractical heels.’
      tootsie, trotter
      paw, forepaw, hind paw, hoof, trotter, pad
  • 2A horse bred or trained for the sport of trotting.

    ‘Interestingly, his first love was Standardbred trotters and he painted a number of prominent winners, such as Meadow Skipper and Neville Pride.’
    • ‘The trotter had completed a four-mile jog at the Park when he got loose and escaped from the stable area, his trainer told the Associated Press.’
    • ‘Pacing is faster than trotting, which is why pacers and trotters run separately in harness racing’
    • ‘The josckey, who was the first woman to drive against the men back in 1977, has five horses in work, four of them trotters.’
    • ‘Trotters work diagonally, that is, they'll lift a front leg and a back leg at the same time, but on opposite sides of the body.’