Meaning of troubleshoot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrʌblʃuːt/


[no object]
  • 1Analyse and solve serious problems for a company or other organization.

    ‘when managers troubleshoot, it strengthens the whole team’
    • ‘an overworked executive who zips from country to country troubleshooting problems’
    • ‘If a high school student shows up for class only three days a week, every week, and then gets a poor grade at the end of the year, the course material seems a poor starting point for troubleshooting.’
    • ‘He also has a proven track record in troubleshooting, having rescued failing Swindon Council a year ago.’
    • ‘What I need more practice on is troubleshooting.’
    • ‘You must do troubleshooting and reconcile within yourself what you want to do.’
    1. 1.1Trace and correct faults in a mechanical or electronic system.
      ‘follow the error messages to troubleshoot’
      • ‘courses dealing with PC repair and troubleshooting are proving to be heavily subscribed’
      • ‘End users also must conduct performance testing and product compliance with the added complications of field service troubleshooting and fault isolation.’
      • ‘The service plan also provides remote system troubleshooting and preventative maintenance to uncover potential problems before they occur.’
      • ‘The marker system simplifies troubleshooting by allowing nine markers to be displayed on the screen at any one time.’
      • ‘A very good measure to consider is permitting system troubleshooting to be done via dial-up modem.’
      • ‘The book takes a very systematic approach to both installation and troubleshooting electric motor drives.’
      • ‘The manual includes the code translations, but this is a nice feature that will assist veterans and newbies alike when troubleshooting their system.’
      • ‘I spent over $10,000 in staff time troubleshooting the system and providing technical support.’
      • ‘‘There's a limit to the resolution that you're going to get when you troubleshoot with a system like ours,’ he admitted.’
      • ‘It is included in these operating systems as a diagnostics tool for the system administrator, to help him in troubleshooting.’
      • ‘Fault trees are commonly used to troubleshoot complex systems such as devices used in airplanes and nuclear power plants.’
      • ‘There are diagnostics and a system log to aid with troubleshooting and even the ability to flash the unit with new firmware to support new features or any bugfixes in the future.’
      • ‘Understanding how things work makes troubleshooting easier and defines a true system or network administrator.’
      • ‘In this case, what they're going to do is use their knowledge of the systems and talk with mechanics and try and troubleshoot it from the air.’
      • ‘The aircraft commander, navigator, and flight engineer began to troubleshoot the system.’
      • ‘They know how to use a specific set of tools, and can troubleshoot computer systems that other, more capable people have designed for them.’
      • ‘Check to see if the speakers work properly before trying to troubleshoot your system.’
      • ‘Tools must now provide comprehensive analysis that prequalifies, troubleshoots and pinpoints faults.’
      • ‘The hardware explanations, advice on purchasing new systems, suggestions, tips, and troubleshooting make this book worthwhile purchase.’
      • ‘Both are useful for troubleshooting problems with the operating system.’
      • ‘While troubleshooting the problem, the crew was unable to correct the split condition in the right main gear.’