Meaning of trouvaille in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtruːvʌɪ/


  • A lucky find.

    ‘one of numerous trouvailles to be gleaned from his book’
    • ‘It does not mean scouring the cultural past for attractive, amusing and above all ‘accessible’ trouvailles, or retreating from reality into mysticism.’
    • ‘And Oden displays a keen eye for the comic and lyric trouvailles to be reaped from them.’
    • ‘The difference is that while just as real to him, Cornell used his trouvaille to create histories imagined, rather than to re-create a certain place or period of time as Benjamin did with nineteenth-century Paris.’
    • ‘He described the trouvaille as a solution found not by logical means, and one that differs completely from what is anticipated.’


French, from trouver ‘find’.