Meaning of true to life in English:

true to life


  • Accurately representing real events or objects.

    ‘this story is true to life’
    • ‘Thus the poses of figures plucked out of the calligraphic scribble were understood by drawing from models; they are real but set up, lifelike but not necessarily true to life.’
    • ‘All that Schoenberg did, in a sense, was take it further, make it ‘realer’, more true to life, more honest - hence more genuinely artistic.’
    • ‘And I have the idea they are more realistic, true to life.’
    • ‘I've been told that this story is overly true to life, and I agree.’
    • ‘Colors are true to life, with bright, crisp reds and deep, solid blacks.’
    • ‘The image is surprisingly solid for a movie shot in ten days, and the colors are true to life.’
    • ‘I did a reading of a play, which was absolutely true to life yet somewhat underplayed for emotion.’
    • ‘I may have taken some cinematic liberties but otherwise the depiction is very true to life,’ he said.’
    • ‘That is why, at its best, her fiction is so true to life.’
    • ‘I know teenagers who'd say this is very true to life.’
    accurate, true to life, faithful, telling it like it is, as it really happened, fact-based, realistic, close, lifelike, convincing