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  • Invented as an excuse or a false accusation.

    ‘he was arrested on trumped-up charges’
    • ‘a trumped-up story’
    • ‘Dozens of opposition leaders have been arrested on trumped-up charges.’
    • ‘Each time he was booked, he said, on trumped-up charges of disorderly conduct.’
    • ‘The trumped-up charges hung over his head for several years.’
    • ‘In fact, virtually nothing about this trumped-up story is true.’
    • ‘He summoned him before the royal court to answer trumped-up charges.’
    • ‘The governing and opposition parties are growing more confrontational, trading trumped-up accusations and even blows on the legislative floor.’
    • ‘History is full of trumped-up threats.’
    • ‘For his troubles, he was sentenced to 28 years in prison on trumped-up charges.’
    • ‘He was sent to prison for five years on a trumped-up income tax charge.’
    • ‘The company sacked 26 workers on trumped-up charges after they returned to work on May 14.’