Meaning of trust fund baby in English:

trust fund baby


informal, mainly derogatory US
  • A person, typically a young adult, who is independently wealthy and does not need to work to earn a living.

    • ‘she'll probably end up like most trust fund babies and just waste pointless hours in nightclubs all over the world’
    • ‘I'm not a trust fund baby; my mother does not pay for my life.’
    • ‘Jane said that he was a trust fund baby, who came from extremely old money.’
    • ‘These four guys are trust fund babies who think the world is owed to them.’
    • ‘Most of the students walked on by, although occasionally one of our more addled trust fund babies might engage them in a conversation.’
    • ‘The current system is great for trust fund babies, but not for most Americans.’
    • ‘Suddenly without a roommate or prospects, she hooks up with Lev and Benji, two trust fund babies who are rooming together and give her shelter.’
    • ‘She is just a trust fund baby with no idea how real people live.’
    • ‘His dad built that business and made that money; he is a trust fund baby and has not demonstrated one shred of business acumen.’
    • ‘The city has become a theme park for trust-fund babies, in which la vie boheme is a pricey fashion statement.’