Meaning of trusty in English:


adjectivetrustier, trustiest

archaic, humorous attributive
  • Having served for a long time and regarded as reliable or faithful.

    ‘my trusty old Morris Minor’
    ‘their trusty steeds’
    • ‘I was so chuffed that I gave my old, trusty typewriter to her daughter without even a second thought.’
    • ‘Our hero sat once more below the faithful tree, his trusty vial of pills in his hands, a prescribed lifeline.’
    • ‘Crowd cheering, the trusty steed galloped at high speed for the winning post.’
    • ‘Nothing more was needed than a steady hold on the reins of her trusty steed.’
    • ‘You will need a bow, target, finger and wrist guard and some trusty arrows.’
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, never-failing, unfailing, tried and true, tried and trusted, trusted
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  • A prisoner who is given special privileges or responsibilities in return for good behaviour.

    • ‘He provides an evenhanded account of the continuing debate over Solzhenitsyn's stern views on the pridurki or trusties - prisoners who collaborated with the camp administration in return for various privileges.’
    • ‘They have rewarded favored prisoners and made them trusties.’
    • ‘From a humanitarian standpoint, this seems something like putting trusties in charge of the prison camps.’
    • ‘There had been a riot over in C Block at breakfast time, and one of the trusties, suspected of grassing, had been doused in hot fat, and set afire.’