Meaning of truth value in English:

truth value


  • The attribute assigned to a proposition in respect of its truth or falsehood, which in classical logic has only two possible values (true or false).

    ‘The examples you gave are both imprecise statements, the first more so than the second, but if you fully qualified them then it could be possible to assign a binary truth value to each.’
    • ‘It lacks a classical truth value as does the odd sentence ‘The present king of France is bald.’’
    • ‘For example, the truth value of a proposition symbolized as p & q depends upon the truth-values of p and of q taken separately.’
    • ‘If it was true, then its truth was a fact about the past; if the past is now unchangeable, then so is the truth value of that past utterance.’
    • ‘Some have claimed that even if future events have a truth value, they are logically unknowable.’